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Coaching for Health Professionals,

Executives, & Career Endeavors

Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning, values clarification, brainstorming, motivational techniques, and behavioral change principles. Coaching taps into the knowledge of human behavior and drives. Acceptance and aspirations are leveraged to increase insight, goal setting, and forward momentum towards optimal lifestyle and occupational endeavors.

Coaching is a distinct service from psychotherapy. Career endeavors, satisfaction, and how to create a life that optimizes both work and personal time are primary emphases in coaching. It explores values, highlights meaningful endeavors, helps to minimize distractions, and unhealthy habits. It strives to reduce burnout and increase enduring resiliency. It is designed to help you feel energized, engaged and support your long-term career sustainability.

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Health professionals face many challenges during their rewarding work. Becoming a licensed health professional and then working in the trenches takes its toll. Health professionals' coaching provides support in a safe, confidential space that facilitates the unpacking of frustrations and difficulties. Most of us feel like an imposter, and questioning our performance is a shared experience. The imposter phenomenon is often a functioning of our anxiety and commitment to providing quality and a desire to competent health professionals. Coaching provides a platform to confront and debunk this inaccurate judgment of yourself and your skills.

For health professionals, coaching is a place to manage compassion fatigue effectively. Coaching helps you evaluate your career path, explore what are your next steps, and envision an appealing future.


Confidentiality and privacy: There are no diagnoses, medical record documentation, or insurance billing. Credentialing and licensing applications don't typically ask about your participation in coaching.

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Executive coaching deals with the unique opportunities and challenges leaders face in business, healthcare, and other industries. You will have the opportunity to be authentic and explore areas of concern while reinforcing your strengths and accomplishments.

Career development discussions are focused on your strengths and areas of interest. This may include learning about the difference between jobs, careers, and callings. We will explore your previous successes and struggles. We will envision a future where you are fulfilled by work and can create your ideal personal life.

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Coaching is designed to assist in exploring your values and goals to achieve work and life satisfaction. We will explore the meaning of money and work. We will talk about the role of recreation and relationships in your life. We will evaluate your current and desired quality of work and personal life.

Throughout our career discussions, we will strive for excellence, not perfection. We will look at motivation and barriers. We may spend time increasing your emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

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Coaching services are focused on career endeavors and only explore personal issues as they relate to work. It does not explore early childhood experiences, personal-psychological issues, or treat mental health diagnoses.

Coaching tends to be more direct, targeted, and time-limited than therapy. I cannot provide coaching and therapy services to the same individual.

Since coaching is a distinct service from therapy, there is no formal diagnosis, it is not documented in your medical record, and it is not reimbursed by insurance.


Coaching rates are:

1 hour: $200

45 mins: $150

30 min sessions: $100


Six prepaid sessions receive a 20% discount

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