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Adults use therapy to manage and let go of current and old frustrations, hurts, and adversities.

We leverage your past successes and try new strategies to create a valued life now and while looking forward.


Therapy adds value to your existing support from your friends and family.


It is a place to deepen your understanding of yourself, process adversities/trauma, and reconnect with your goals to determine a path forward.


Therapy is a private and confidential process without judgment, advice, or preconceived ideas.


It's a balance of increasing your acceptance while learning coping strategies to help create a life that supports and engages you.

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Older Adults

Older adults often benefit from reviewing their life through Reminiscence therapy.

Reminiscence therapy is the process of looking back and remembering highlights from your life to acknowledge and honor your journey. It helps to make sense of the life you have led, your choices and reconnect with the values that are important to you. It often highlights positive experiences, successes, and resiliency.

Therapy helps you deal with difficulties related to health concerns, family, finances, housing, and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and problematic substance use. We work on stress management, improving sleep, eating healthy, moving more, being creative, and making connections. 

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Persistent Pain and Other Conditions

Individuals dealing with persistent pain or other health conditions may struggle in their daily lives and relationships.


In therapy, you will receive validation that your struggles and frustrations are real. We may spend time discussing the details of your health conditions, pain, and your medical team's recommendations.


We talk about how diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, and connections can help you improve your health and effectively deal with your pain. We will consider your limitations and strengths to help manage ongoing hardships.

Through acceptance, pacing, and self-determination, we will work together to manage your health effectively so that you can recapture a fulfilling life. We will explore motivation and barriers to creating the life you would like to have.

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Physicians & Health Professionals

Physicians & Health Professionals are often working long hours in high-demand jobs in bureaucracies. This can lead to impaired wellness strategies, burnout, and impaired satisfaction. Therapy and coaching provide a safe, confidential space to explore frustrations and stress.

Health professionals may privately struggle with imposter syndrome, have many self-doubts, and evaluate your skills as less than ideal. Therapy helps combat these cognitive distortions by assessing the evidence of these beliefs and striving for excellence, not perfection.


Being a medical professional exposes health professionals to stressful experiences which can lead to vicarious trauma. Therapy helps you effectively deal with the burden of being a health professional dealing with adverse outcomes and losses.


Dr. Moonshine is highly experienced in working alongside physicians and providers in various

healthcare settings. In recent years, she has developed clinical expertise to support physicians and providers in optimizing their careers while fostering wellness and resiliency.


Privacy and Confidentiality: Services can be provided on a self-pay basis which does not require a diagnosis or documentation to be released to insurance companies or the board of medicine.

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Nurses & Healthcare Workers

Nurses & Healthcare Workers are essential to a healthy society.


Nurses and healthcare workers work long hours and deal with complicated and tragic situations. This can lead to vicarious trauma and impaired self-care.


These individuals are often caretakers of their families and communities outside of work. While this may be meaningful, it can also be depleting.


Therapy is a compassionate and supportive space to process experiences that helps make sense of challenging situations and complicated relationships. We will work on supporting you while you continue to support others.


Dr. Moonshine has spent her career working alongside nurses and healthcare workers to help patients. She is an in-depth understanding of their jobs, stressors, and strengths.

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Educators help kids, and young adults realize their potential and shape the world's future. This can be a thankless and never-ending job.


Educators are often under-resourced and overworked. They sometimes question their value and wonder if they are making a difference.


Therapy can help make sense of these challenges by supporting you, tapping into your resiliency, and creatively problem solving your unique difficulties.


It helps you face the fast and furious adversities of your profession as well as personal concerns and worries.

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LGBQ+ Folks

LGBQ+ folks may face rejection, discrimination, and safety concerns. Folks in this community feel marginalized by individuals and institutions.

Sexual identity is part of who we are and should be respected. Folks in this community are significantly more likely to experience depression, anxiety, trauma, and problematic substance use.


Therapy helps manage challenges related to sexual orientation. Therapy also empowers you to find solutions to address relationship concerns and life challenges. Therapy offers a comfortable and private space to be yourself and discuss your life in ways that make sense.


Working with an LGQ+-affirming therapist can aid you in tackling challenges, extending your resilience, and empowering you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

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Trans & Non-Binary Individuals

Trans and non-binary individuals may have felt out of sync with their bodies, their families, and society for a lot of their lives.


They may have encountered negative messages, fear, oppression, and violence regularly. Your gender identity is not the problem, but it may have created issues that you will benefit from exploring and resolving.


Therapy offers a place for self-exploration, acceptance, and validation. Wherever you are in the process of transitioning, pursuing medical interventions, as well as living your best life, I am here to support you. We can work on understanding whom you are, managing relationships, and dealing with complex life situations and the world around you.


You deserve gender-affirming care from all your health care providers. I am trained and experienced in providing this care.

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BIPOC, Multi-Ethnic people, and Immigrants


As a diverse individual, you may have found life particularly hard and experienced racism, oppression, and systemic discrimination.


You may be dealing with historical and intergenerational trauma. You may have been treated as less than or don't belong here.


Therapy can be beneficial by providing a safe, supportive, and empowering space to process your experiences.


Therapy is a culturally humble space filled with curiosity, support, and validation. It's a balance of talking about your struggles, setting goals, and pursuing solutions. 

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